Discover These Social Media Marketing Tips For Success

Social Media Marketing for profits

There is significant marketing potential through social media.

If you are a business owner or marketing manager, the customers you might like to cater to are probably all active
on one social network site or another. Therefore, it’s a good idea to put your business on one of these social
network sites, as well. If you fail to do market research to determine which social media platforms your customers
use and market to them on those platforms, you are neglecting a potentially lucrative revenue stream.

When you start a blog and post to it regularly, be sure that you insert a Facebook button on the page that allows

readers to share your blog. This lets people that visit your blog share it with those on their list of friends.
Ergo, the blog is suddenly available to a lot more viewers than previously, and this could then lead to a business

 Start a conversation with your customers.

Receiving feedback from your customer is great, but it’s up to you to  respond back to them to open the door to discussion. Respond to any of your customers’ reviews and have a

conversation with them. Try to be as engaging and passionate as you possibly can so that you can make the customer
feel like they’re being catered to.


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Use You tube videos to help attract potential customers to your site. Allowing consumers to preview your products on

YouTube will give you an advantage, for your customers will have a better understanding about the products that you
are marketing. The more visitors who come to your site with knowledge of your products will help increase sales.

Make sure that you provide valuable answers to the questions on your social networking websites. Always check your

social media sites a few times a day, and always see if you have any new comments, etc. You can also elect to
receive emails each time you have a new notification. Remember your response in a comment can be seen by anyone.

 Your company’s social media profile can be used as a way to distribute freebies, discounts and other promotions.

By hosting a giveaway you will gain many new followers. There are social media profiles dedicated to spreading the news

about free giveaways. After you’ve settled on what you’re going to use as a freebie, post links to it on these

Don’t expect your social media presence to generate tons of followers and likes in a very short time. People must

trust you and your business. Work to gain one person’s confidence at a time. Very quickly, your database of
clientele will be fairly large.

Social Media Marketing

Maintain a current and relevant blog

Use a variety of social marketing venues for the greatest success. While Facebook is popular and effective, don’t

neglect using others like twitter or MySpace. This ensures that you will reach a broad demographic.

As you are now aware, there is significant marketing potential through social media. Doing this will give you a way

to get the mission statement of your business out there and will also let you improve your relations with existing
customers while expanding your base. See what social media marketing can do for your business.

Now You Have Discovered These Social Media Marketing Tips For Success

Social Media marketing


Social Media marketing

11 responses

  1. Hi Christine,
    Great article with a lot of suggestions! It can be overwhelming with social media, but I think if you pick two, at most three that you can handle that’s good. Your blog looks great keep up the good work 🙂

    1. I can agree with you here Lesly. Just find 2 or 3 to focus on and go from there. There’s virtually impossible to join all of them!

      1. coahing4online

        Thank you Nate. Comment much appreciated.

  2. Hi Christine – I am working on growing my online business part-time (and I am helping others to do the same), so I have picked a few social medial venues to concentrate on. Otherwise, It was very overwhelming. Doing fewer things, but doing them well has been very rewarding. Thanks for the great article on social media!

  3. Great advice Christine and agree with Lesly that is to use just 2 or 3 because I know I find it hard work going to all of them and so time consuming. All the best.

  4. Just wanted to stop by and say hello 🙂

    1. coahing4online | Reply

      Thank you for stopping by.

  5. Hi Christine, Thanks for all of the tips to gain exposure. I really like the infographic too.

    Have a great evening. Monna

    1. coahing4online | Reply

      Thank you Mona. Chat again soon.

  6. Hey Christine,

    This is the first time on your blog and you left some really valuabe golden nuggets. I do have to say that out of all the suggestions you gave, engaging and being passionate about what you do are the top ones. You definitely want to make the customer feel catered too which means to me that you want to make them feel that you’re genuinely interested in them and meeting their needs. This will definitely make your journey much easier! Thanks for the share and you have a great rest of the week!

    1. coahing4online | Reply

      Thank you Sherman.

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